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The BIB Kitchen-schemeThe BIB Kitchen-scheme

This type of Kitchen-scheme was built in bricks and covered with ceramic. The material  used to built these wall units, are common. Here you can find bricks, concrete cement, building sand / bou sand, ceramic tiles, of your own choice to suit your Home-Style. The BIB wall units can be decorated with Ceramics-Mosaic &/or Rock-Art. Our BIB units are designed to strengthen your house from it's foundation to the walls. Below are some portions of the BIB Kitchen-scheme which form a part of full BIB wall unit.

The BIB Zink Unit

This portion shows how bib sink can be look like.

The BIB Stove UnitThe BIB Stove Unit
This portion showes the BIB stove cabinet

The BIB Zinc Unit

This is a zinc cabinet from another bib wall unit.

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