Turning Your House Into/Smart Home!
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Designed4life Wall-Units

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Installation of Built-In-bricks  Furnitures which are covered with ceramicRock-Art Mosaic
Emol4Life Designs
Turn Your hoúse into ßmart-home
We do the installations of The BIB furns in various designs, you can use your own research by collecting material. To help us decorate your home with your own plans to suit your home-style needs.
Emol4Life Designs
Rock-Art Mosaic
We recommend you click here to buy quality bricks to strengthen the walls of your house.
You can also Press here to buy ceramic tyles that will be used to cover your BIB Turns.
Ceramic Tiles
Building Cement
Tyles Stripes
Door Handles / Door Locks
Cement Lintel
Door Hooks / Door Holders
We recommend you to  visit here and see if can find the right material to strengthen your Smart-Home. Network connection / data charges apply.
Turn your house into Smart-Home
We do the various styles of The BIB Designs that allows you to match your Interior decorations.
The BIB Kitchen-Schemes
The BIB Wardrobes 
The BIB Entertainment 
The BIB Non-Removable Cabinets
The BIB Shoe-Stand
             All abovementioned items are made of bricks and covered
            with ceramic of your own choice, to suit your Home-Style.
N.B standard data network connection apply while visiting to URL's address. Of which labelled in BLUE unless otherwise stated in other-way.
we also do the followings ; @ affordable prices!!!
Ceiling Installations
Floor / Wall Tiling
Floor Laminating
Art-On-Wall Decorating {plastering cement}
Toothpaste & Toothbrush Stand {made in ceramic}
The BIB Chairs , The BIB Lapa-Suit , The BIB Store-Room , The BIB Bedroom-Suit. [ All these available on your request]

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